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Meet DeJong

From high-care pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech to all varieties of human food, dairy, and beverage, DeJong has the experience and knowledge to execute at the highest level in the sanitary space. We’re excited to talk about innovation in the food space with ViewPoint. For the official TV show, click here. For the extended cut, please enjoy the following presentation.

Increase Production

Decrease Costs

Have a hunch that your CIP process is costing you production time or losing batches? You are probably correct. Our guide empowers managers to ask the right questions around areas we can commonly optimize.

Why Choose Us​

Solutions engineering

If you’re looking for answers to complex sanitary problems,
we can help. From conceptualization to 3D scans to technical drawings, our Engineering team will find a way to solve your puzzle – and get it done right the first time.

Line Optimization

A process facility’s production lines are the foundation of delivering safe, clean, high-quality product. But business changes. Products change. Ingredients change. Finding the best way to reorganize and optimize existing equipment is our ‘bread and butter’.

Product Formulation

Maybe you’ve got an idea for a new product in your facility. Maybe you’ve got a new contract with a national brand. Either way, getting a countertop recipe to effective industrial scale can be a daunting proposition. We can help.

Equipment Acquisition

Whether you’re looking for new equipment, need custom designs, want to source the auction market, or even just need a one-off never-before-been-done thing designed and built, we will find the right way to solve your specific challenges.

I work with DeJong Consulting because of his industry knowledge, drive and willingness to go the extra mile. Many consultants would prolong the problem to make extra money, but Michael does what it takes to get it done.

Need To Talk With One Of Our Consultants?

From building new plants to optimizing existing ones, we are always happy to have a conversation about your project. Reach out today! 

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