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DeJong has deep experience in managing food plant construction projects and the day-to-day operations management of food production facilities. Our team has an unbeatable track record of managing any food construction project at any stage.

When construction deadlines and cost constraints matter, DeJong is the team you want running your project. Unlike our competitors, who bring their oil and chemical manufacturing knowledge to your projects, DeJong only works on sanitary processing projects, ensuring that we get it right the first time.

As a result of our knowledge and experience, DeJong-led projects tend to beat industry standard time targets by 10%.

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Food And Beverage Industry Project Management

DeJong Operations and Consulting offers worldwide project management services to food and beverage companies. Our experience encompasses all food disciplines, including dairy, meat, poultry, fish, egg, vegan, and beverage facilities. From the beverage industry to biotech to developing innovative products, we are experts in sanitary process construction.

Our detailed processes and proven methodology eliminate costly project delays and minimize downtime.

Typically, there are a lot of disciplines that are engaged in every project – and most projects will hire a separate contractor to handle each part of their project. This adds complexity to a project and slows the entire process. This can lead to overlapping roles, duplication of efforts, and poor quality control.

Project managers are vital in bridging the gap between the designers, the engineers, and the contractors implementing the work. The right project manager determines whether a project is completed on time.

Whether you need a team to oversee your project from start to finish or only need us to manage a small portion of your project, DeJong is the project management team to get the job done. We are experts at coordinating, communicating, and managing production timelines to ensure that each piece of equipment is ready at the right time.

We are also experts in the implementation and break-in phases of a facility. We often work with clients who need us to take them from bare soil to a fully functioning factory.

So whether a client needs something constructed, or operations setup on an existing facility, we are the industry resource that can get the equipment running, solve problems, and ensure that you are operating at peak efficiency.

Communication is key to ensuring a project moves forward on time and on budget. DeJong understands how critical it is to keep all parties informed and on the same page, from basic project management tools like Gantt charts to frequent check-in rhythms. Everything we do is about monitoring progress against the project plan and original budget.

Our proactive progress reports give all parties peace of mind as to where the project is. Our deep experience in building facilities for the food and beverage industry provides us with unbeatable expertise, and our deeply entrenched industry knowledge helps you stay ahead of your project goals.

On top of our project management skills, our team brings deep understanding in troubleshooting food factory problems. Our team is frequently called in to solve efficiency problems in existing factories. We bring this perspective into every conversation, helping us ensure that your risks are highlighted ahead of time and that your project is deployed with best practices in place.

Risk Management

Risk management generally comes down to time loss and safety regulation compliance. It is a vital piece of ensuring a properly developed project. As project managers, we are invested in protecting our clients against liability due to safety protocols not being enforced. Training, sign-offs, and oversight combine to reduce risk and keep the job place, the workers, and the bottom line safer.

By identifying risks ahead of time and using our past experience to bring clear risk mitigation to each project, we can help mitigate potential risks from the first day. The risk protocols that we bring to a project are designed to keep crews safe and ensure maximum productivity by protecting our workforce.

Physical on-site risks are a critical part of risk management. When injuries occur, it slows the entire project down. However, risks can also come out of other realms such as from legal frameworks, time, quality of work, supply chain, and technological vulnerabilities.

Risk assessment helps us maintain proper control throughout the entire project. By knowing where risks may arise, we can proactively audit those areas and decrease risk exposure. Unfortunately, the best risk management comes from experience. Our experience serves us well in developing proactive strategies that keep risks at a minimum.


Construction is what this is all about. Our construction managers work at the direction of the project managers, ensuring that that the engineering designs are implemented as designed.

From site management, to design management, to coordination of sub contractors, our experienced construction mangers know how to keep the job site on track. Ultimately, staying on budget and on the timetable comes down to our construction managers. While our project managers can proactively look for roadblocks and help stage supplies in advance, it is our construction managers who are the real boots-on-the-ground heroes, making it happen. Their continuous inspections and control checks help to catch potential issues, and to escalate those when necessary. They also serve the vital role of meeting building regulations and ensuring the health and safety of the construction crews.

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Dave Erlebach, Intrinsic Organics

I work with DeJong Consulting because of his industry knowledge, drive and willingness to go the extra mile. Many consultants would prolong the problem to make extra money, but Michael does what it takes to get it done.

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