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For over 15 years, DeJong Consulting has been the go-to provider for food manufacturing plants. We take an idea and break it down into the individual steps. From there we handle as much of the project as needed. On some projects we are only requested to do the design piece. On other projects we provide everything from getting the building permits to hiring the staff to run the plant as the first products come off the line. With dozens of completed builds DeJong makes sanitary stainless factory builds an easy process.

Green initiatives to reduce power consumption and minimize carbon footprint are at the top of our considerations – efficiency means savings in monthly overhead costs as well as sometimes qualifying for tax and environmental incentives.

We operate to the latest Current Good Manufacturing Practice standards in the market, ensuring the highest pharmaceutical quality in our practices.From pin stamp welds to certifications, our practices meet or exceed cGMP regulations.

Plant Optimization

Technology marches on. Plants that used to lose downtime for their cleaning process, are now leveraring our CIP Consulting to revamp as Clean-in-place operations. Managers that are tired of fighting problems in their equipment hire us to fix their plants, increase output and improve their existing process. We understand all aspects of food manufacturing and can solve pressing and recurring problems.

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Our Engineers have experience across a wide band of food processing industries, bringing innovative thought to each step of the process, from raw ingredients to finished packages. Dry, Vacuum, Wet, PMO Dairy… if it is food we can handle it. Check out some of our specialties.
From plant optimization to turn-key builds, we offer a full suite of food plant manufacturing options.
From collection to pastuerization and processing into packaged milk products, we help move the dairy industry forward.
Some of our earliest plant builds were in the egg processing industry. For egg handling and processing, we enable you to do it all.
We are seeing an increased request for our services to design nutraceutical and pharmaceutical plants for handling of biological materials.
Pumps are the heartbeat of your company. We help you get the right ones, solve existing pump problems and create a reliable supply line.
We can build out beverage facilities including the tanks and sanitary lines needed for a new line of craft beer.

There are three main types of contamination that occur in beverage plants. Here is how we resolve this.

A Clean-In-Place system passes cleaning chemicals across all surfaces, removing product residue without requiring equipment removal or disassembly.

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