Clean-In-Place Reduces Cleaning Time

DeJong is the experts in plant construction. One of those innovative retrofit features we are incresingly asked to provide is CIP skids.

Advantages Of A CIP System

A Clean-In-Place system passes cleaning chemicals across all surfaces, removing product residue without requiring equipment removal or disassembly. It’s a proven process that removes human error and automates hygienic practices.

Affordable CIP Solutions

Thanks to advances in technology, clean in place technology is now more accessible to all sanitary process factories. Additionally, added customization and automation are now available. If you’ve discounted using them in the past, it’s time for a second look.

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CIP Process

There are several key elements that we customize to your specific situation. 

  • Time:  This is the duration of time that a surface area must be exposed to cleaning fluid to effectively remove all product soil. 
  • Temperature: Temperature is an important consideration depending on the type of product soil is being removed. This influences overall energy costs. 
  • Action: Impingement action on a surface. This can be the velocity of flow or spray design. 
  • Concentration & Conductivity: How much chemical needs to be used in relation with  

Advantages of CIP

  • Minimizes Mistakes: An automated clean-in-place system removes the error associated with a human-controlled process. This reduces the risk of an unsafe end product.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Since much of this process is now automated, past processes of disassembly by highly-trained technicians is no longer required. This reduces both downtime and skilled labor costs. 
  • Employee Safety: Employees have less exposure to harmful cleaning solutions and fumes. 
  • Increased Production Time: Since no disassembly is needed, the cleaning cycle is timed, accurate, and short. There is more production runtime now available. 
  • Safety Standards: The reliable, repeatable and regular cleaning intervals reduces contamination and creates a consistent product quality. There are fewer recalls, increasing brand value and trust. 
  • Utility Savings: Only the minimum required water and energy are used in a pre-calculated amount.

We have helped install CIP systems in FoodBiotech and other Sanitary piping situations 

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