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With over 15 years of experience and dozens of completed plant builds, DeJong is the company you call when you need a turn-key egg processing facility built.

From Recipe to Realization

From egg packing to egg breaking and all of the sanitary piping in between, DeJong builds processing plants that meet your goals.

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Whether you need a full plant built, or just need to source a specific piece of equipment, DeJong Consultants has the engineers, project managers, operations managers and product buyers to make it happen.

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From high-care pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech to all varieties of human food, dairy, and beverage, DeJong has the experience and knowledge to execute at the highest level in the sanitary space. We’re excited to talk about innovation in the food space with ViewPoint. See Our Interview

Egg Industry

 Egg handling and processing can be a complex, delicate job. Whether your business specializes in egg washing, breaking, drying or separation, having an optimized plant is needed for peak production.

We enable your vision and advance your business goals by providing unmatched customer service and uncompromising quality, while continuously challenging customers to be smarter and more innovative. We listen closely, ask insightful questions and anticipate needs to help businesses of all sizes and across industries bring products to market more efficiently.

How we can help

DeJong Consulting began in the egg industry, so you can trust that our team understands the nuances of egg production and processing. With more than fifteen years of egg industry experience, our team partners with you to evaluate and install systems that work to improve equipment and plant efficiency while maintaining quality standards and safety requirements. Using our industry connections and strong vendor relationships, we are able to bring custom solutions that can fit a new or existing plant footprint.

We were one of the first to pioneer egg membrane separation processes. We can source and install egg factory equipment from egg washing machines to breaking, drying and packaging equipment. 

We partner with your business to identify equipment enhancements and process efficiencies that can take your egg production to the next level. These upgrades will ensure that the ROI on your investments continues to grow long after we’re done. We are a brand-agnostic equipment provider – a guarantee that your organization comes first.

We can source egg processing equipment such as egg washing machines, egg peeling machines and we are the leaders in eggshell membrane separation. Our engineers can help you audit your current egg processing plant, and can provide egg plant design and layout.  

Our solutions include process consulting, food plant design, project management and equipment installation to support:

We strive to bring creative thinking and cross-industry experience to the table as we work to solve customers’ process and plant operations challenges. There is no challenge too complex for our team to solve and no business too big or small for us to partner with. 

Contact us today to crack your egg industry challenges!

Dave Erlebach, Intrinsic Organics

I work with DeJong Consulting because of his industry knowledge, drive and willingness to go the extra mile. Many consultants would prolong the problem to make extra money, but Michael does what it takes to get it done.

Egg Processing Engineering

An egg is a delicate thing, which is precisely why egg processing plants and whole egg distribution centers take every precaution necessary to ensure the optimal shelf life of their final egg products.

The trick is in developing the processes, services, daily operation, and maintenance of your facility to hit this high standard while moving products at the fastest possible rate.

Dejong Consulting has built some of the largest egg processing projects in America and can help your company will be at the top of its game. Our goal is to help you deliver the best, highest-quality egg processing products to your clients around the world and at scale.

Egg Processing Facilities

Like many other food processing facilities, egg processing plants adhere to a higher health and safety standard. 

Therefore, eggs and egg processing products require better engineering, technology, design, and maintenance. 

Eggs have a lot to offer both you, your clients, and your customers.

Don’t waste your time with sub-par egg processing products and technology. Contact Dejong Consulting today.  

Facility Design

We know engineering and facility design like the back of our hands! Whether you’re in the food, beverage, dairy, or meat processing industry, we can help you optimize your current processes or implement cutting-edge technology that will put you at the top of your industry.  

Egg Processing Products

Whether you own an established plant or you’re only looking to plan your next project, Dejong puts the power of modern engineering, technology, and design into the palm of your hands. 

Depending on your final product, we can help you with protecting both your corporate safety and the safety of your consumers.  

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