Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Plant Construction

 Your organization grew from the desire to innovate products that improve human and animal health. DeJong Consulting partners with you to elevate your biotechnology operation’s processes to generate improvements that ensure your products are safe, effective and meet regulations.

Just like you, innovation is at the core of our business.

We will sit down with you to talk through your organization’s accomplishments and vision. We’ll ask insightful questions, and then get to work to find custom, creative plant design and process solutions for you. You will get unmatched customer service, steadfast commitment to quality and a goal to challenge our customers to think bigger. We work with businesses of all sizes and across industries bring products to market more efficiently.

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From high-care pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech to all varieties of human food, dairy, and beverage, DeJong has the experience and knowledge to execute at the highest level in the sanitary space. We’re excited to talk about innovation in the food space with ViewPoint. See Our Interview

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The foundation of science and technology is experimentation, improvement, and never settling for what’s familiar. Shouldn’t your manufacturing process work the same way? DeJong Consulting prioritizes flexibility and creative problem solving, guaranteeing a system that fits your company’s aspirations. Custom built for your plant, your process and your products. All while exceeding quality standards and safety requirements.

After we identify process efficiencies, automation opportunities and equipment upgrades, we’ll help establish the long-term changes ahead for your organization. We are equipment-brand agnostic, flexible and focused on creating the best possible version of your operation.

Our solutions include process consulting, plant design, project management and equipment installation that supports:

We strive to bring creative thinking and cross-industry experience to the table as we work to solve customers’ process and plant operations challenges. There is no challenge too complex for our team to solve and no business too big or small for us to partner with. 

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Dave Erlebach, Intrinsic Organics

I work with DeJong Consulting because of his industry knowledge, drive and willingness to go the extra mile. Many consultants would prolong the problem to make extra money, but Michael does what it takes to get it done.

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